Why? This is both the most basic and the most essential question we tend to ask – ourselves as well as others. And finding a satisfactory answer isn’t always a piece of cake. And why am I talking about such a philosophical thing right now and right here? Well, because this blog is a result of such a “why”. Only last week I was asking myself, why I let my initial blog slide and stopped writing, even though it made me quite happy. The answer was half true and half a lame excuse. I underestimated my workload for university and instead of figuring out a timetable that allowed me to study and write, I caved in and sidelined my blog. Pathetic, right? 

Since this wasn’t exactly a satisfactory answer, I decided to push myself and take up blogging again. Additionally, I wanted to go at it in a more structured and organised way. Up until now I published German and English posts on the same blog – even though there definitely were more German ones. I don’t think I need to explain that this wasn’t ideal and sometimes might have kept people from following my blog. While musing about this and trying to figure out a better way, I had the idea of creating a new blog for my English content. And I asked myself an incredibly important question: “Why not?”

Guess what – I couldn’t come up with any credible excuses. Creating a second blog, aimed at English speaking readers, native and non-native, made sense in every way. I love writing in English, I need the practice and it is an amazimg opportunity to practice what I’ve been thought at university. So here we are. Welcome to my blog! I hope you are as excited as I am and willing to come with me on this journey. I can’t really tell you what to expect because I don’t quite know myself. I can only promise you that I will do my very best. I’ll probably write about books, food and education (I’m in the teacher’s training program and might need to let off steam at some point) – but I might also tackle lifestyle and current affairs. Who knows. I’ll write about things that inspire me, that fulfill me, that outrage me. Expect emotions and passion, because those two I also expect from myself.

A last few words about the blogs title: since “serendipity” was taken, I had to come up with something else. And “serendipitous to a fault” is undoubtedly something I would love to be and adore to help others achieve.

I am looking forward to this journey and would love to take you along for a ride – lots of love

Smarty  â¤


5 thoughts on “Why?

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  1. Hello, Smarty-smart-smart!
    How are you doing? I thought I’d check out your new english blog. I have to say I love the name. Always makes me think of that movie with John Cusack. 😀
    Well, I’m looking forward to read passionate postings about stuff. Swoon, rant, babble away! 🙂
    LG, m


    1. Hey 🙂
      I’m doing great, thank you. What about yourself?
      Glad you did and I feel the same – I just adore the idea of serendipity. Sadly there’s no corresponding German word. How so? Not exactly a movie buff, so I’m drawing blank – so please, do explain 🙂
      Hopefully it won’t all be ranting 😉 but I’m looking forward to it as well
      Lots of love

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      1. Hey, Smarty!
        Really? You don’t know? I feel like the movie is an all-time favourite of womenkind. It is called “Serendipity”. It’s about a man and a woman who meet in an overcrowded department store and are pretty much instantly smitten with each other. They spend the day together but the timing’s all wrong and she says she believes in chance so if they are meant to be together they will meet again. She writes his number on a dollar bill and her name in a book she sells and they part. And years later when they are both about to get married (to other people) they start looking for the other person. Well, I’m not that good at explaining but it’s a really nice romantic movie. 🙂
        Have a nice day, Smarty! 🙂
        LG, m


      2. Hi – thanks for the explanation. And yes, I’ve really never heard of this movie before. It actually does sound rather romatic. Maybe I’ll give it a go some time soon 😉
        Have a lovely day too
        Lots of Love ❤

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