A serendipitous day

Description. That is the current topic in one of my English classes at University. We are supposed to broaden our vocabulary even more and use only the most exquisite and explicit adjectives in our descriptive writing. And while we’re at it, we should also make use of all those grammatical structures we were taught before. Which is exactly what I did – or so I would like to believe. Below you’ll find one of my descriptive pieces and I would absolutely love to hear your feedback! So don’t be shy, every comment is welcome 🙂

A serendipitous day

When you can feel the comforting warmth of the vernal sun on your cold stricken, pale cheeks and your closed eyelids. When a gentle breeze tenderly strokes your skin and softly ruffles through your luscious locks. When you take the first deep, fulfilling breath and the delightful smell of silky petals fluttering in the wind reaches your inflated nostrils. When you can finally smell everything growing, blooming, rejoicing. When the lovely chirping, the jolly singing, the merry warbling of birds returning from the south reaches your ears. When these eagerly anticipated envoys finally arrive and all you feel is serendipity, you can declare at last: Spring has come.

You open your eyes and take in all of the enticing, exquisite, heavenly scene before you. You take in the intense green of the trees, bushes and grasses – mint, moss, myrtle, emerald, olive – all these precious shades of green. You take in the beauty that is the blossoms in all the colours of the rainbow. All covered in glistering dew, almost looking like fairy dust. Fairy dust, transforming a plain clearing in the middle of a mystical forest into a magical place of change and renewal. The trees surrounding this little piece of heaven swaying in the breeze, blooming and painting in all the colours of the wind.

You open your arms and take the deepest of breaths. You breathe it in, the positive energy, the warmth, the comfort. Open your arms, your eyes, your ears, and your heart. Take in this perfect and serene masterpiece of nature that is presented to you. You take it in with all your senses; you take it in with everything you got, with a blissful smile in your eyes, on your lips, in your heart. Spring has come.


2 thoughts on “A serendipitous day

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  1. Hello, Smarty-smart-smart!
    See, I even learned a few new words today. 🙂 “Warbling” and “vernal”. Do people really use those words in real life? With some english words I’m never quite sure.
    Also, I’m not quite sure about the title. Can “serendipitous” really be used for this story? Isn’t it more about happy accidents?
    Regardless, I like your little text. It’s very uplifting. I like spring too. 🙂
    LG, m


    1. Hey there 🙂
      Well, warbling is probably not a word people use everyday, but I would say that vernal is used fairly regular. And I know what you mean – sometime sit really is hard to tell.
      I see your point and yes, serendipity is all about happy accidents, but since serendipity translates to “happy” I thought I might get away with it 😉
      I’m glad to hear that and thank you so much for your feedback – much appreciated!
      Lots of Love,
      Smarty ❤

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